Oslo Studio Walk #2

The studios will showcase some of their best work and gladly answer any questions you might have. This is a rare opportunity to get an accurate insight into the way things work within the Norwegian design community.

A curated studio walk on Friday June 1st, will show you around some of the most essential studios of the Oslo design scene. You can choose between two different tours. Tour #1 focuses attention on illustration and animation, while tour #2 highlights graphic and digital design.

In this specific tour, focusing on graphic and digital you will get to know:

Designit is a strategic design firm. They work with ambitious brands to create high-impact products, services, systems and spaces – that people love. Designit’s Oslo office has been around in Norway since 2007, and they’ve been growing rapidly in the last few years. Today, this office is one of the largest within Norway’s design industry, and the only one with a truly international edge.

Bleed is restless, intuitive, and contemplative. We defiantly question convention and the very definition of design. Although always thinking — more importantly, we are always doing. Representing a mix of cultures and disciplines, creating strong and sustainable business value through strategy and design. With our eyes firmly set on the horizon, we continue to blur design, art, and technology to create compelling products, services and experiences for our clients.

A different kind of company, with a different view of the world. Customers are nomads. Interaction and transaction patterns are shifting fast. Int makes it their business to ensure their clients are well equipped to succeed in the new digital reality. They deliver measurable business impact and beautifully crafted solutions.


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