Passion Projects

Grafill is showcasing national contemporary design and illustration. Meet five creatives and their passion projects; reMarkable, Torill Kove, William Stormdal, Eivind Stoud Platou, Ståle Gerhardsen.

reMarkable – Notepad for writing, reading and sketching
In 2013 the reMarkable team set out to create a device that would offer a pure, paper-like experience, but be connected and limitless. The first real digital paper tablet. Designed for reading, writing and sketching. And to be an elegant tool for thinking in the digital age, for those who love the inspiration and clarity they get when working on paper. (

Torill Kove – Animated short film Threads
Torill Kove is an award-winning director, animator, and illustrator. She was born and raised in Norway and now lives in Canada. Her three previous short films have all been nominated for the Academy Award, and Kove won the award with The Danish Poet. She has also written and illustrated several children’s books. Torill Kove will outline the creative process of her animated short “Threads”, a film about love and attachment. She will discuss the joys and challenges of telling a simple yet complicated story with images and movement, but no words. (

William Stormdal – Pseudonym Publishing
Graphic designer from Oslo, Norway, specialised in identity, editorial and type design. Been working with a wide array of clients, both national and international, small & large. Initiator of Oslo-based Pseudonym Publishing. For his book-project ‘Pseudo’ he created a writing software, visualising the thought process behind writing. A timer is attached on the cursor, forcing white-spaces into the text block for every inactive second – creating a void in the text, true to a pause for contemplating or reflection. (

Eivind Stoud Platou – The art of not throwing away food
“Kunsten å ikke kaste mat” is an award-winning book about the art of not throwing away food. A third of all the food we produce are thrown. It is one of today’s biggest and most unnecessary environmental problems. It is uneconomical and unethical. With this book each and one of us can learn and contribute to less food waste. The book presents the most common food articles we eat, what happens when they turn old, and how to use our own senses to determine whether the food is eatable or not. (

Ståle Gerhardsen – Paternity Leave
Ståle Gerhardsen is an artist born (and kind of raised) in Trondheim, Norway. He paints, draws, prints, writes, build, make, design and spray for a living. He was invited to make a book of his drawings by a Norwegian publishing agency. The same agency changed its mind a few months later. So Gerhardsen released his first book «Pappaperm» (Paternity Leave) on his own publishing agency “Takk Forlaget». Ståle will talk about the process from first sketch to making the second edition and going viral. (