Porto Centre #2

Get to know four design studios located in Porto's city centre

The organisation of guided design tours is an excellent opportunity for people from all over Europe to get a first-hand experience of the local design scene.
Four studios in the vicinity of each other are picked up and are invited to host visiting groups of international visitors, to exhibit their work, discuss their challenges, their solutions and their methodology, to interact and to exchange views and experiences.

In this specific walk through the city centre, you will get to know:

White Studio
White Studio is a multidisciplinary design studio based in the beautiful city of Porto, with offices in London and Santiago. White Studio works on several design areas, from press to web, from editorial design to signage systems, from packaging to interior design. It focuses on the essential: the concept. This is why each of its projects has an expression that makes it unique. Always working in close connection with its clients, White Studio has been experiencing design for more than two decades.

Bondlabs is a technology & digital bureau. Because it has a unique understanding of how to combine aesthetics force with logical functions, has earned a reputation for teaming up with sophisticated clients and delivering work of an unparalleled quality in highly demanding timeframes.
Bondlabs has developed Bondlayer platform to deliver tailor-made multi-device digital projects on schedule, on budget, and on target. Its output is so impressive that a former client decided to invest and make it available to the world as ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS).
Bondlabs serves its clients using Bondlayer complemented with consultancy and design that algorithms and artificial intelligence cannot deliver.

Atelier D’Alves
Working between Porto (Portugal) and Eindhoven (Netherlands) the studio stands for a critical view of the design field and the society. The philosophy of the studio is one of constant learning and change. Each new design product opens up fresh possibilities to be explored. With open dialogue between the studio and the client, we develop design solutions where that dialogue in the creative process is the key element for the construction of the solution. Answering to a big variety of challenges and ideas we developed a pluralistic and eclectic design language who let grown and work in so many distinct areas like editorial design, branding, installations and social design.

Madalena Martins
Madalena Martins is an interdisciplinary studio that focuses on communication design and unique pieces of product design. Inspired by the everyday humour, Madalena explores a universe dedicated to the design and imagery of Portuguese culture, reinterpreting objects, materials, and stories, returning emotions in the form of design objects.
Most of the projects are developed in their early stages by inmates of the Prisons of Northern Portugal and users of social reinsertion associations giving the final product a very strong social component. Environmental sustainability is also very present in the production process, turning industrial waste or discards from cultural materials into new parts.

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