Get to know four design studios located in seaside Matosinhos

The organisation of guided design tours is an excellent opportunity for people from all over Europe to get a first-hand experience of the local design scene.
Four studios in the vicinity of each other are picked up and are invited to host visiting groups of international visitors, to exhibit their work, discuss their challenges, their solutions, and their methodology, to interact and to exchange views and experiences.

In this specific walk through the beautiful sea-side area of Matosinhos, you will get to know:

Another Collective
Another Collective is a design studio formed in 2014 and based in Matosinhos. Considering branding, web design and editorial design as the main areas of intervention, Another Collective believes in an engaging work methodology. With a focus on experimentation and exploration of concepts, it relates customer and company in a relational symbiosis, having as a principle the clients’ claims, always favoring direct contact with them.

This is Pacifica
Pacifica is an independent communication studio, established in 2007 by Pedro Serrão, Pedro Mesquita and Filipe Mesquita. Pacifica believes in ideas, solving problems, taking opportunities.Its focus is on the good ideas without barriers, formulas or specific tools. Its method is based on visual thinking.
Pacifica does anything from branding, and packaging, to mobile and interactive design. From advertising to events and relationship marketing (and everything in between).

Founded in 2005, and currently, with offices in both Coimbra and Porto, Bürocratik is an international award winning studio, specialising on Branding and Digital with an absurd passion on typography.
Designers and engineers driven by exceptional experiences and craftsmanship.

Canvaz Design Studio 
Canvaz is a UI/UX Design studio based In Porto, Portugal.
With a special connection to sports, technology and great challenges, we are proud of having awesome clients on our side helping us deliver digital experiences for the users and a portfolio with released, loved and featured work.