Speakers: Nenad Kovacic and Christian Haas

Time & date: Saturday May 29th, 11:30-12:30

Location: Zürich, Switzerland

Website: www.raffinerie.com

Raffinerie AG für Gestaltung was founded in march 2000. It is being directed by Reto Ehrbar and Nenad Kovacic (both founders and partners) and Christian Haas. We started small with 3 people, and we grew constantly every year. At the moment there are 14 people working here, all graphic designers or illustrators.

In the beginning there were small projects, such as party flyers and snowboard design for friends. Then we specialized in editorial design, art books, corporate design and illustration. Today our long-term costumers include: SWISS International Airlines (Onboard magazine), Schauspielhaus Zürich (Whole communication for 2006–2009), Daros Exhibitions, Burgtheater Wien, City of Zürich, Pro Helvetia Council for Arts and many more.

What makes us special is that our portfolio includes work for small, low cost projects as well as for complex projects for big companies, which other small agencies couldn’t handle. Our strong point is the combination of different strenghts for every each project. There is no such style as «the Raffinerie style». We try to come up with an new solution for every new client. We try.