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Sunday May 30th

10:00-17:00 ED-Conference day 3

Willem Burger Zaal, De Doelen

10:30 Astrid Stavro

11:30 Yurko Gutsyliak

12:30 Lunch + exhibition Viral communication

13:30 Kustaa Saksi

14:30 Coffee + exhibition Viral communication

15:00 4 für Texas

16:00-17:00 Philippe Apeloig

10:00-17:30 Bigger than Dutch Design
Exhibition in Willem Burger Expo Hall at De Doelen

12:00-18:00 KesselsKramer
Exhibition at VIVID Gallery

13:00-17:00 Academy’s gallery
3 exhibitions at BLAAK 10

18:30 – 20:00 Formal reception + exhibition: Ideas from Rotterdam
in the City Hall

20:00-22:30 ED-Awards ceremony
in Willem Burger Zaal, De Doelen

22:30-04:00 Winner’s party
at Dado

Saturday May 29th
Saturday May 29th
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