Speaker: Ovidiu Hrin

Location: Timisoara, Romania


Case: Time & Design

The case is a CD cover & Booklet for Implant Pentru Refuz (trad. Implant For Denial) band. IPR is a rock band with a solid presence on the Cross-metal – Hardcore scene in Romania. Synopsis was invited to jump on board and direct all the production and design that went into their new album…Monolith.

Although we were given total freedom with this project and No deadline we’ve been through a series of eventful situations during this time worth mentioning and sharing.

The case will present (almost) all of the production steps we went through from the very beginning to the final delivery of the material … including the carrying and unpacking of a full cargo transport of 2000 CD’s in front of our studio… a scene that was coronated with a wrongly placed inner booklet…

Client: Implant Pentru refuz ( band); Monolith Recordings


Synopsis is a small design studio located in Timisoara and founded in 2001 by Ovidiu Hrin. Mainly working on all sorts of design projects including posters, brochures, books, identity systems … and still loving it. Since 2004 we’re being published on different mediums continuously.