The initial idea for the trophy was to utilise an archetypal form that would belong to the world of graphic arts and typography. Therefore, the trophy through an abstraction makes reference to typographical characters that were once used in the printing press. The materials that were used were solid aluminium for the main body and silver for the logo. Thus, the trophy was given an essential form and basic materials in order to reward the essence of the graphic creative procedure, that being the concept. The aim of the trophy was to represent a comeback to the original process of creating, which is certainly then developed through the use of sophisticated means, but which still remains true to the primary idea. After a few years of being around, the trophy has gained a nick-name: “European Design Star”, due to the logo of the ED-Awards (an asterisk) which is located on the top of it. Apparently the nick name also means that the ones who win this trophy are “design Stars” in their own right. Trophy designer The ED-Awards trophy was designed by Evangelos Vasileiou, born in Athens in 1976. After having obtained his degree in interior architecture and product design by the école Camondo, he continued his studies in architecture in the école Paris-Malaquais, where he graduated as a dplg architect. In 2001 he received an award from the VIA and since then he has been invited in several instances as an external lecturer, while currently he lectures in the Master unit (4th year) of the Paris-Malaquais. Also, he collaborates with various companies like Ligne Roset and at the same time he works on projects in architecture, interior design and in scenography. His work has been exposed in different shows and galleries in France and abroad. Being based in Paris, in January 2007 he established another office in Athens, which is essentially engaged with projects in architecture and interiors. You may find more information on Evangelos Vasileiou by following this link