Zup Associati

Speaker: Karen Balest

Time & date: Saturday May 29th, 10:30-11:30

Location: Perugia, Italy

Website: www.zup.it

zup associati is a communications lab that helps clients to redesign their “corporate identity”, revolutionizing their image in the marketplace. In order to affront this rather daunting task we have designed a work method that tackles problems from a global point of view, because we are convinced that just dealing with graphic/industrial/architectural design is no longer enough. In today’s world we must communicate via language, volumes, form and images. We design a 360° project for our clients that speaks of product and space, and that corresponds to functional needs that can be applied to any situation.

Many of our projects are the result of the close collaboration of small work teams, both inside and outside the company, whose art direction is headed by Marco Fagioli, Andrea Medri and Lucia Roscini. When we are asked what we actually do, our answer invariably includes a discourse about the fine blending of ideas and ‘flavours’. We are convinced that there is not much difference between a delicious plate of spaghetti with meat sauce and a design project: just adding the ingredients in the right order it is not enough. You need a fine chef. Try to define what a “fine chef” is and you will find yourself describing a true designer.