Konstantinos Penlidis

Konstantinos Penlidis is a London-based designer with a long-standing record of excellence in fintech, digital advertising, web design, e-commerce, mobile and game design. He holds an MA in interaction design and has more than 20 years of experience in the digital design industry, working with product teams and agencies such as Remitly, HSBC, Ogilvy and TribalWW.

He has been passionately involved with online design communities, and is the co-founder and curator of SE Europe’s largest design event, the Digitized Conference, as well as the co-founder of the Creative Survey, Greece’s most important survey of the design industry.

He also serves as a judge for the FWA, Epica and the Webby awards and contributes as part time editor Greece’s +DESIGN magazine.



John L. Walters

John L. Walters is the editor and co-owner (with Simon Esterson) of Eye, the international review of graphic design. He was a musician and record producer before moving into publishing with Unknown Public in the 1990s. Outside Eye, Walters has written for The Guardian, Port, Boat and London Jazz News, and he is writing a book about Alan Kitching.

He has co-curated and programmed many Eye events, including the ‘Critical Tensions’ conference, several ‘archive nights’ (in London, New York and Amsterdam) plus Eye’s regular ‘Type Tuesdays’ at St Bride Library. He is a Visiting Fellow of the University of the Arts London and a founding juror of the European Design Awards. 

He has received six nominations for the UK’s BSME (British Society of Magazine Editors) Awards, and won in 2002 and 2016. 


United Kingdom




By providing short-term rental of commercial spaces, the City of Luxembourg offers creators, entrepreneurs or start-ups the opportunity to test a new product, service or concept in direct contact with their customers. Thus, the concept of ​“pop-up stores” serves as a springboard for tenants who can take advantage of a first experience in a physical store before launching a permanent business. In addition, pop-up stores contribute to the creation of a rich commercial offer and attract a broad public in the city center.

Within the framework of the European Design Festival, designers are presenting limited or exclusive products in pop-up stores:

Flower Club, located at 3, rue Origer, a flower store that also offers bouquet creation workshops with the aim of creating a meeting and learning zone.
Astartelux Jewelry, located at 26 rue des Capucins, is a boutique specialising in ethical and sustainable jewelry making. The brand aims to revive ancient craftsmanship and contribute to the conservation and preservation of the world’s cultural heritage by drawing on the techniques and methods of past civilizations.
ArtCodeUa, located at 40 rue Philippe II, is a boutique offering items by Ukrainian designers and with 40% of the proceeds from sales going to aid organizations active in Ukraine.
Maison Hagda, located at 40 rue Philippe II (from July 5), will feature interior design products made by Moroccan cooperatives.
Awka, located at 43, Grand Rue, is a boutique of contemporary art and unique clothing inspired by the heritage of Ecuador.
The Vintage Store, located at 38 Philippe II Street, offers a selection of vintage products from the 1960s to the 1990s.


Casino Display, dedicated to research and artistic experimentation, welcomes graphic designer in residence Océane Muller. This historical venue, located in the heart of the old city of Luxembourg, today showcases contemporary creation and will be open to visitors.


Discover the design studios at the 1535° Creative Hub, located in a former industrial site in Differdange in the south of the country. This is a unique place in the grand duchy that hosts a multitude of studios and offices for start-ups and freelancers working in the creative industries. The bus tour continues to Esch-Belval, site of the University of Luxembourg.

Organised by: Design Luxembourg in collaboration with 1535° Creative Hub and the University of Luxembourg.

In partnership with Sales-Lentz.


(Re)discover the film Mon Oncle (1958), one of the great masterpieces of the French director Jacques Tati. This film humorously questions post-war society’s relationship with modern architecture and design. It contrasts the traditional, informal and lively city with the suburban housing sectors that developed during this period in the suburbs of major French cities.

Modern architecture is personified by the Villa Arpel. This automated house with its clean lines became an icon of the architecture of the period without having existed outside of the film set and the exhibition spaces that recreated it, highlighting the influence that criticism can have on the discourse on architecture and the city.

Programme of the evening:
7 pm | Introduction: Maribel Casas (architect, doctor in Art History and scientific director of luca)
7.30 pm | Screening of the film

Followed by
9.30 pm | ( P )arty: Drinks & DJ-set

Organised by: luca

Mon Oncle
A film by and with Jacques Tati | 1958 | comedy (116′) | France
Language FR | Subtitles EN

Free entrance, upon registration: luca​.lu

After the screening of Mon Oncle, luca invites you to start this weekend dedicated to design with music. An excellent opportunity to meet up with friends or professionals and amateurs from all backgrounds to share a drink. The evening will be animated by a DJ who will take you back to the 60s in a unique place!

From 9.30 pm.


Venue: Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, rue Notre-Dame (parvis)

(text in English to come soon)

La partie ouest de la « Ënneschtgaass » (rue Notre-Dame) qui longe l’entrée principale du Casino Luxembourg, est un lieu en transition continue depuis des années : d’une aire de taxis à un chantier de construction, elle est aujourd’hui devenue un lieu indéfini – entre emplacements pour vélos, accès de livraison, shared zone délimitée par des pots de fleurs en béton anti-terreur pour dissuader les actes terroristes… et parking sauvage.

D’où la nécessité et l’urgence de repenser l’endroit. À quoi pourrait ressembler un milieu-associé entre un centre d’art (le Casino) et la ville ? Comment pourrait-on imaginer ce lieu en terme relationnel ? Pourrait-on envisager que le Casino Luxembourg sorte de ses murs pour s’approprier le parvis ?

Au cours de trois journées d’échange collaboratif sur le parvis face au Casino Luxembourg, nous poserons les premiers jalons d’une réflexion sur les possibilités de transformation de ce lieu.

Organised by: Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain


Axé sur la création imprimée, le graphisme et le design de produits, le marché des créateurs Augenschmaus est un événement incontournable pour les amateurs d’art et les passionnés de design. Une belle sélection d’œuvres de créateurs du Luxembourg et de la Grande Région sera ainsi présentée au « Schluechthaus », friche industrielle située dans le quartier de Hollerich.



Rotondes will have the honour of hosting two major events on the programme: the European Design Awards and the Luxembourg Design Awards.


Official opening of the European Design Festival 2023 at the Cercle Cité.

Organised by: Design Luxembourg in collaboration with the City of Luxembourg and Cercle Cité.

EDA Winners’ party

European Design Awards afterparty!
With DJ Loon & DF Davka.

Open to the public.
Free entrance.

More info soon.


After the screening of Mon Oncle, luca invites you to start this weekend dedicated to design with music. An excellent opportunity to meet up with friends or professionals and amateurs from all backgrounds to share a drink. The evening will be animated by a DJ who will take you back to the 60s in a unique place!

Organised by: luca
Free entrance


Luxembourg Design Awards afterparty!
With DJ Sensu.

Open to the public.
Free entrance.

More info soon.



Luxembourg is a city on a human scale, so pedestrians can easily get around by walking to the various festival venues which are concentrated in the old town (Casino Luxembourg), Clausen (Luca), Hollerich (Augenschmaus Creators Market) and the station neighbourhood (Rotondes).


Get around for free, using the easy and sustainable public transport system. Luxembourg was the first country in the world to introduce free public transport throughout the country. Passengers no longer need a ticket to take the train, bus or tram, both in the city and across the country.

The only exception is first class travel, which is still subject to a charge.



There are many places in the city where you can rent a vel’OH! bike for your journey.





Get to Luxembourg comfortably by train from Germany, France or Belgium.

The TGV Est takes just 2 hours and 10 minutes, direct from Luxembourg to Paris!

Several direct trains run each day between the Gare de l’Est in Paris and the Luxembourg capital. Other direct connections with France: Strasbourg (1 hour 33 minutes), Lyon (5 hours 30 minutes), Marseille (7 hours 42 minutes).

Tickets: sncf, sncb, Deutsche Bahn



Luxembourg’s national airline, Luxair, connects Luxembourg directly to major European capitals and to many other cities. The airport, located at Findel just six kilometres from the capital city centre, also hosts more than a dozen airlines that fly to Luxembourg daily or several times a week.

Transfer by bus from the airport


Amsterdam: 305 km
Antwerp: 258 km
Berlin: 592 km
Brussels: 178 km
Frankfurt: 184 km
Hamburg: 498 km
Lyon: 439 km
Nancy: 117 km
Zurich: 306 km


Venue: Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, 01.06 – 04.06.2023
Opening: Thursday 1 June 2023, 5 pm.

With: Linda Bos & Runa Egilsdottir (A Designers Collective), Massimo A. Marchesini and Olaf Recht

Jailbird is a brand of products designed and manufactured by inmates of the Givenich penitentiary, on the initiative of défi-job, an association promoting the socio-professional reintegration of inmates through work. To make the Jailbird products, the inmates work with craftsmen, artists and designers. Halfway between art and craft, the final product is not the main objective. It is the process of making it, in cooperation with the inmates, that is important: communication, transmission of know-how, respect for others, development of social links, exchange of experiences.

Products are displayed in an exhibition at Casino Luxembourg’s ​Aquarium” space. 

Organised by: Défi-Job

Avec : Linda Bos & Runa Egilsdottir (A Designers Collective), Massimo A. Marchesini et Olaf Recht


Venue: Rotondes
Opening: 1 June 2023, within the framework ofLuxembourg Design Awards.

This summer, Luxembourg’s Central Station continues its expansion with the opening of Voie 15 (Platform 15) in Rotondes’ Galerie!

Marking a reconnection with its railway history, Rotondes will install part of a life-size platform, complete with rails, seats, luggage trolleys, and ticket vending- and stamping machines. Everything will be painted in an immaculate white, known to draw zealous graffiti artists, illustrators, muralists, and urban painters like moths to a flame.

Over the course of several weeks, both professional and amateur artists will take turns in showing off their talents at Voie 15, sometimes even going up against each other in battles. Additionally, the artists will participate in workshops with visitors, also invited to unleash their creativity, try their hand at urban drawing techniques and leave their mark on Voie 15.

The installation will also offer special events and workshops for groups from schools and day-care centres.

Organised by: Rotondes

Opening hours of the exhibition:

Thursday 1 June: 8.30 pm – 10 pm
Friday 2 June: 2 pm – 6 pm
Saturday 3 June: 10 am – 6 pm and 8.30 pm – 10 pm
Sunday 4 June: 10 am – 6 pm 

Exhibition in three phases:

Phase 1: Thursday 1 June 2023 until Sunday 4 June 2023.
Opening on Thursday 1 June 2023, as part of the Luxembourg Design Awards.

Phase 2: Saturday 24 June 2023 until Sunday 16 July 2023.
Opening on Saturday 24 June 2023, as part of the Block Party hip-hop festival.

Phase 3: Friday 28 July 2023 until Wednesday 23 August 2023.
Opening on Friday 28 July 2023, as part of the Cancelled Holidays Opening Night.


Location: City Luxembourg, public space, 15.05 – 16.06.2023
Opening: 15 mai 2023, 5.30 pm

The flag has a long tradition of different uses and meanings. Flags are commonly used to transmit signals, to identify countries, regions or cities, or to visually demarcate a territory. Flags can define or transcend borders and are also frequently used to represent political ideas and beliefs. 

The flags, works by invited Luxembourgish artists and designers, will be mixed with existing artists’ flags, which are part of the archive of the What the Flag?! project. The artists and designers are invited to respond from their own work and vision of the medium ​flag” within the context of the location in which they are shown. They are asked to question the flag not only formally but also conceptually, transposing and reevaluating their practice onto this specified medium and the public space. 

The flags will be placed between the central locations of the European Design Festival 2023 in the City of Luxembourg forming a route that the public can follow with the help of a map.


Stina Fisch – Place des Martyrs
Marco Godinho – Place de Metz
Julien Hübsch – Cercle Cité
Reza Kianpour – Casino Luxembourg
Vera Kox – Rotondes
LAGERKULTUR – Schluechthaus Hollerich
Miriam Rosner – Place de Paris
Sarah Schleich – luca
Xavier Duffaut, Fleckstein-Dworczyk, Francis Feidler, Claude Horstmann, Joséphine Kaeppelin, Rem Koolhaas, Vera Molnar, Monty Richthofen, Silke Schatz, Celine Vahsen – Cercle Cité

  • Organised by: Cercle Cité in collaboration with Greylight Projects.
  • With: Stina Fisch, Marco Godinho, Julien Hübsch, Reza Kianpour, Vera Kox, LAGERKULTUR, Miriam Rosner, Sarah Schleich.
  • And (from the Greylight Porjects archive): Xavier Duffaut, Fleckstein-Dworczyk, Francis Feidler, Claude Horstmann, Joséphine Kaeppelin, Rem Koolhaas, Vera Molnar, Monty Richthofen, Silke Schatz, Celine Vahsen.
  • Curators: Anastasia Chaguidouline and Wouter Huis