The Power of Independent Publishing: Unlocking the Value of Creativity, Innovation, and Community

The way we publish is evolving with the ever-changing world. While the phrase ​Print is dead” has been uttered for some time now, it holds true for some forms of media. However, this may not necessarily be a negative development. With news now readily accessible on our smartphones within seconds, the printed medium has once again become a sought-after object that allows for a deeper engagement with topics and aids in slowing down our fast-paced lives. The experience of smelling a newly printed publication and feeling the texture of the paper is an added benefit that does not require electricity or login credentials.

In her lecture, Julia Kahl shares her personal perspective on what publishing both online and offline means in today’s world. She emphasizes the significant role that publications can play in promoting cultural understanding and addressing social issues.

Conference in English.


Julia Kahl (born 1983) studied Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt before moving to Karlsruhe in 2007, where she lives and works since then. Together with Lars Harmsen, she runs the independent publishing and media house Slanted Publishers, which was founded in 2014 and has received international recognition for its activities such as Slanted magazine, the Slanted blog and various publications in the field of typography, graphic design and visual culture.

As a designer, editor and publisher, she has a great passion for typography, editorial design and all things print and loves connecting with people and cultures from all over the world. She teaches in the field of typography/​editorial design at various universities, gives lectures, and is regularly part of international design juries.