Rethinking the designer’s work and responsibility towards society is what ethical design is all about. In an era where digital technology dominates, questions of ethics affect all sectors, including design, which is being transformed by technological innovations. Putting design back at the service of the human being, and therefore the user, is becoming a priority for many. How to avoid misleading the user, how to overcome digital dependency, how to guarantee responsible production that takes into account social and environmental issues, how to co-design sustainable products? Ethical design guarantees a reflection that limits the negative effects of the designer’s work on the daily life of everyone, but how to evolve with the complexity of its environment rather than overcoming it? This is what we will try to discuss in this 100% ethical round table.

Round table in French.

Organised by: Design Luxembourg.

With: Jan Glas, Yellow Ball / Défi-Job ; Mellie La Roque, Designers Ethiques ; Thomas
Tomschak, Bunker Palace / Design Luxembourg.

Moderator: Nancy Thomas, IMS