TIMEless – Design from the Stone Age to Today

TIMEless – Design from the Stone Age to Today is a review of the design of objects crucial for living, from the Stone Age to today.

The focal points are Stone Age tools, hunting and fishing equipment, ceramics and artefacts discovered on the dig of Gubbacka medieval village. They are juxtaposed with comparable items and associations with contemporary design and current use of manufacturing materials.

The aim is to awaken the exhibition visitor to pay attention to the design language of objects that are thousands of years old and the aesthetics associated with functionality. The designs have observed the main principles of good contemporary design. The guiding principle is ‘designing good life’: good design has made and does make life easier, it is part of the quality of life.

In order to produce a good end result, the Stone Age maker must also have understood the purpose of the object, the material, as well as had the skill to produce a functional object.

The project is an exhibition which is a revised part of Vantaa City Museum’s permanent exhibition ‘Tarinamme Helsingestä Vantaaksi’ [Our story from Helsinge to Vantaa]. It will open on the eve of the Vantaa city festival.


On the Saturday of the WDC Helsinki 2012 weekend, the Myyrmanni shopping centre will put on an exhibition of the archaeology of the Myyrmäki area from the perspective of everyday design: it is the largest Stone Age habitation site discovered in Finland. In April, a presentation on Stone Age aesthetics will take place at Vantaan Designikkuna on Asematie. In September 2012, workshop activities will be on offer during the National Archaeology Days.


Jaana af Hällström
Vantaa City Museum
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