Tolm (Estonia)

Tolm is a team of experienced motion designers and animators with the competence in producing both smaller and bigger international projects.
They  cover the entire creative process from the very first idea to final delivery, making their clients’ brand highly visible and attractive while keeping a strong focus on design and storytelling.
They  love working closely together with management, marketing departments, advertising and design agencies, TV channels or start-ups.

Speaker: Joosep Volk
Joosep has worked in the field of animation for more than 10 years and has experience with a wide range of animation techniques – mainly 2D and 3D animation and motion  graphics.
Currently his main focus is on art and creative direction, communicating  between TOLMs animation team and the client with solving the latter’s problems a  priority.
Some of his best known international clients include Microsoft,  Tieto, Deutsche Telekom, and the Estonian Goverment. His experience in commercial  animation has given him knowledge and ability to meet the highest of standards in  animation – both in idea creation and execution. His work has won numerous international prizes.