Why you should enter the European Design Awards 2013

The European Design Awards is the comprehensive annual awards organization acknowledging the best of graphic design, illustration and digital design in Europe.

Three reasons why the ED-Awards are the best of their kind

  • The ED-Awards boast the most qualified jury in Europe, composed of representatives from the leading European design magazines. They are design journalists and critics, whose job is to recognise and promote the best of communication design internationally.
  • The ED-Awards are truly a pan-European competition. Last year submissions came from 29 different European countries (with the top country submitting less than 20% of the total number) and winners came from 21 countries (with the top country achieving about 25% of total prizes). The jury members themselves come from 15 different countries.
  • The ED-Awards receive the widest publicity in the design awards field. Agencies and designers who excel here, get the best coverage available. The reason is simple: the ED-Awards are based on a network of design media.

Find out how you can enter the European Design Awards 2013 here