Exhibition and workshop at Foqus

In the spin-off branch of the Academy, in the heart of the renowned ‘Quartieri Spagnoli’, one of the most fascinating and controversial areas of the


Join inProgress asbl for a collaborative exchange on the theme of design education in Luxembourg. Through a series of debates and discussions, attendees are invited to participate in building a local design school.

Two Pages Workshop

Based on the concept of Two Pages, this workshop will focus on visual interpretations and spontaneous mark making.

Visible Creativity in Rotterdam

Designplatform Rotterdam (DpfR) collaborates with Rotterdam Media Commission (RMC) on Saturday, May 29 at Arminius to hold a public debate on the theme, ‘the importance

Bar Camp on digital design

A bar camp is an open source/open participation/’unconference’ for presenting new media projects, a collective speaker’s corner for media people. Designers, artists, activists can come,

Heldenavond “Special Edition”

The Heroes’ Nights are initiated by Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University and organised by a special group of students. These nights are a platform

Graphic leisure workshops

HP has invited Bruno Sellés, Creative Director and Founder of Vasava to run 2 workshops during the ED-Conference. The workshops will focus on some of