Pre-conference workshop II: Stop Campaigning, Start Engaging by Marksteen Adamson

How to challenge the status quo, not only through campaigning (getting attention), but actually building a solution?

Friday, June 17, 10:00-13:00

Creative Hub

60 eur / pre-registration required

Speaker: Marksteen Adamson of ASHA & Co.

In this session, Marksteen Adamson, Founding Partner, Chief Creative Officer and Director of Strategy of the award-winning, UK-based, creative consultancy ASHA & Co will demonstrate how to create effective engagement with multiple audiences around controversial societal issues. 

Following an introduction to his self-initiated project concerning the plight of refugees – ‘The Stations’, Marksteen will take participants on his personal journey, from his initial feelings of helplessness to the project’s hugely influential outcome. Marksteen will outline ASHA & Co’s ‘Hand of Change’ approach which uses multiple points of focus to build momentum and create impact around toxic issues.

Participants will then be asked to choose their own controversial or uncomfortable issue for which they want to create engagement. They will then be guided through a step-by step process ending with the production of a communication brief that will enable audiences to connect and engage with the chosen issue.

Target group: designers, public sector, NGO