Helmi Honkanen


Helmi Honkanen (1981) is a Helsinki based designer focused on brand design, identity design and content creation. Despite drawing stick figures at the entrance examinations, she studied at Lahti Institute of Design and Fine Arts where she has later also taught identity design in addition to various other schools.

Over her career she has worked with customers such as YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company), Era, Flow Festival, Tori Quarters and LUAS. Along with teaching and design work, she regularly writes designer profiles for Grafia magazine.

Fearlessness and joy are the most important aspects in her work and she is inspired to combine her own signature style with customers’ needs for commercial purposes. She enjoys projects in which she can be involved from the very beginning, starting from the naming and strategy building. She wants to understand the clients’ business and always begins her design work with thinking about the story.

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