Kaidi-Kerli Kärner

Kaidi-Kerli Kärner is a Strategic Planning Director at the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. She will give a research overview about the footprint of Estonian public digital services.

Digitalisation is a big part of our lives and is a success story of the Estonian public sector. Therefor it is important that our digital life is sustainable as well and when making choices regarding future digital solutions, we can be as environmentally sustainable as possible.

Digital environmental sustainability is one of the focus subjects in the new Digital Agenda 2030 of Estonia (national digital strategy). The agenda states that the goal is to be more sustainable but at the moment we lack the knowledge of the current situation and therefor it is difficult to know where to start (where the problem is most urgent). We need to identify where the environmental impact of digital state is the biggest and map out possibilities to reduce that impact. Analysis carried out in spring 2022 will map the environmental impact of Estonia’s public sector digital products (servers, work stations, work processes etc) and will look at possible solutions.