Transport from Warsaw’s airports to the city centre


S2 route: Warsaw Airport to Sulejówek Milosna
This route lets you get to key locations within downtown Warsaw.
Opening hours
From Warsaw Airport: Daily, from 06:07 am to 23:09 pm.
From Sulejówek Milosna: Daily, from 04:55 am to 23:24 pm.

S3 route: Warsaw Airport to Warsaw Centrum (Central Railway Station)
By this route transfer to Warsaw Centrum Station, from where you will be able to connect to further services and other destinations.
Opening hours
From Warsaw Airport: Daily, from 06:22 am to 23:24 pm.
From Warsaw Centrum: Daily, from 05:35 am to 23:40 pm.

Single-fare transfer tickets (valid for 75 minutes) cost PLN 4.40 (€1.00)



At Warsaw Airport there are 5 bus routes which connect to several key destinations within the city.

See below further information about these routes:

Bus 175 (Warsaw Airport – City centre)
By Bus 175, you’ll be able to transfer to the city center from Warsaw Airport.
Opening hours: Daily, from 04:27 am to 22:58 pm.
Frequency: 15-30 minutes

Bus 188 (Warsaw Airport – City centre
This bus just follows the same route as Bus 175, but only during the night.
Opening hours: Daily, from 23:18 pm to 04:47 am.
Frequency: Every 10 minutes from 06:00 am to 10:00 am, and then every 20 minutes.

Bus 148 (Warsaw Airport – Ursynów-Praga)
Bus line 148 that provides access to Ursynów (a southern part of Warsaw) and Praga (an eastern part of Warsaw).
Opening hours: Daily, from 04:34 am to 22:35 pm.
Frequency: 15-20 minutes.

Bus 331 (Warsaw Airport – Underground Metro Station Wilanowska)
Bus 331 connects with underground station Metro Wilanowska.
Opening hours: Daily, from 06:13 am to 17:54 pm.
Frequency: From 06:13 am to 08:56 am, every 10 minutes, and then from 01:54 pm every 15 minutes until 05:54 pm.

Bus N32 (Warsaw Airport – Central Railway Station)
Bus line N32 just follows the route straight to the Central Railway Station in Warsaw only at night.
Opening hours: Daily, from 23:15 pm to 04:49 am.
Frequency: 30 minutes.

In Warsaw airport, there’s a new terminal for buses and coaches. It’s located on the arrivals level, in front of the south pier.

Single-fare transfer tickets (valid for 75 minutes) cost PLN 4.40 (€1.00)

For further information, please visit ZTM official website.



It is quite easy to transfer from Warsaw Airport to downtown by taxi. Warsaw Airport is located at just 10 kilometres off Warsaw city centre, that means an average travel time of 20 minutes according to traffic conditions.

There are three recommended taxi corporations:
– ELE TAXI: +48 22 811 11 11
– SUPER TAXI: +48 22 196 22
– SAWA TAXI: +48 22 644 44 44
Opening hours: 24 hours.

Taxis can be found outside Arrivals, in the first level.

Fares from the Warsaw Airport to downtown Warsaw is approximately 40 PLN (€9.50).
See below the fares to other popular destinations:
Warsaw Central Railway Station: PNL 30.00
Warszawa Wschodnia: PNL 48.00
Stare Miasto (old town): PNL 41.00
Praga: PNL 50.00